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  • Questions on Why (Gaia Online / Gaia Forum / Gaia Feature) is experiencing error
As stated on the Main Page, the Gaiapedia Answer Wiki is not Gaia Online™, the Editor(s) of this Wiki are not a part of Gaia Online staff. Thus they have no inside knowledge of why a certain feature isn't working.
However, contributors may attempt to answers these or direct the questioner to someone experienced with said errors.
  • Questions on How to become (a part of the Gaia Online business / an official illustrator / a Staff for Gaia HQ), and other similar questions.
As previous stated on the Main Page, the Gaiapedia and Answer Wiki consist of contributors and fans, thus they have no inside knowledge on how to be a part of the business involving Gaia Online.
Contributors are free to give their theories, but take caution of the information provided.
  • Questions on Why (Your account / Your friend(s) / A Guild) was banned
This is a personal issue that only Gaia Staff can handle. Please use Gaia Online's FAQ / HELP page to fill out a Ticket, or try to contact a Moderator.
  • Questions on Personal (issues / opinions / feedback) about Gaia Online
Such things are best left to discussing on Gaia Online itself. An attempt to answer these could result in a personal POV, which isn't the best way to answer a question.
  • Question unspecified Not phrased / One-word / Possible spam
These questions will likely have no answer because the questioner did not specify what they wanted to know.


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