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What does "Soulbound" mean?Edit

Soulbinding is a mechanism to prevent an item(s) from being traded or sold for Gold currency.

When did the Soulbinding of items began on GaiaEdit

It began with the purchase of Monthly Collectibles, within the year 2007. As Gaia Online grew the purchase of Monthly Sealeds grew as well and paypal was the most popular way of purchasing.

In response to (and to also counter) scamming or theft attempts, Gaia implemented features and limits when it came to purchasing sealed letters. There was a monthly cash cap, a waiting period and eventually a lock on sealed letters that were purchased by fresh Paypal and Gaia accounts.

Any PayPal account that is new or has never been used with a Gaia account is subject to a 7-day item freeze policy.

What are the yellow and blue locks I see on some items?Edit

The lock on an item means one of two things.

  • The blue lock means the item is frozen.
  • The yellow lock means that the item is soulbound to your account.
  • The gray lock means that an item is equipped to either a Gaians avatar or featured in their Gaia Home, Aquarium, Car etc.

When was soulbinding more prominent?Edit

This was largely prevalent for the Gaia MMO zOMG!. Which had its only weapon (the Rings) bound to the Player. This was done because high level rings [10 CL] were being sold for large amounts of gold, and in turn, were giving people who were still early in the game an unbalanced advantage. By having a high level rings, Players were able to complete the game within days.