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What is Love Charm?Edit

Love Charm is a premium Chance Item released January 26, 2010. It's popularity spawned two sequels released in February 2011 and 2012, they are titled Love Charm II and Love Charm III respectively.

How do I purchase a Love Charm?Edit

All premium Chance Items are purchasable by the Cash Shop the La Victoire. However, it is available for purchase from other users via trades or the marketplace.

Additional information

The cost of a Chance Item is usually 149 Gaia Cash with bundles being 999 Gaia Cash.

How do you play Love Charm(s)?Edit

When a player purchases a Love Charm, they have the choice of picking a Boy or Girl to go after, once they click "start", the item will be soulbound until the date is finished. Gaians are faced with answering questions based on what they knew about the character or think what the character would like. If they answer the characters question correctly, they earn the characters favor and a heart, if they answer incorrectly, they lose their favor and a heart.

Though some answers are more favorable than others, the wooers can get a few wrong and still get a successful ending. The wooer could continue through the questions and fill all three hearts or lose all of them. After this they can open the Love Charm to receive a prize.

What are the answers to the Love Charm(s)?Edit

It would be best to see a Gaia Online thread about this question.

Gaia Thread
  • [1] Love Charm Q&A: Gimme Answers!
  • [2] The Complete *LOVE CHARM II* Answer Key
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  • [4] Love Charm III - Answers to please your date

Where I can view the Love Charm item list?Edit

Either on Gaia Online or Gaiapedia threads created by Gaians. Due note that Gaiapedia does not display images of the listed items, only the item name and description.

Gaia Online
  • [5] Love Charm list
  • [6] Love Charm II list
  • [7] Love Charm III list

Where can I view Love Charm artwork?Edit

Either on Gaia Online or Gaiapedia threads created by Gaians. Due note that Gaiapedia does not display repeated images with minor changes in text.

Gaia Online
Gaiapedia gallery

Who are the characters from the Love Charm(s)?Edit

Due note that Love Charm II and Love Charm III consists of characters previously seen in other Chance Items.


Ciro / Jaiden / Mills / Roman / Takkun


Adelise / Delilah / Eileen / Frederika / Kaede / Mai

See also Gaiapedia page

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