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  • 13 December '12 | Another apology. I need to focus on one wiki at a time, so Gaiapedia and the Answer wiki will be on a long hiatus until I complete my other wiki tasks. While I can't stop people from asking questions, I would hope that people understand their questions will not be answered at this time.
  • 08 November '12 | With apologies to the community. The current Admin was on a hiatus due to computer issues and a lack of time to be spent on the wiki. The Gaiapedia Answer wiki will be seeing some maintenance in the coming months:
    * such as redirecting questions to already answered questions of similar context.
    * placing common starter questions in their proper categories. For example questions starting with "What" into the "What category".
    * checking for spam and vandalism.

    Due notice that much of this wiki is done by a single person, and not many Gaians aware aware the wiki even exist. I can attempt to answer what I know or direct you back to Gaia Online for better answers.
  • 08 November '12 | Project:Archive
  • 20 April '12 | A state of hiatus has caused slight dysfunction of the Answer wiki. The admin will be doing page revising.
  • 10 January '12 | Policy page created
  • 30 August '11 | {{Notice}} template and category has been created
  • 20 August '11 | Since the previous answer wiki was imported to the Oasis skin, a number of questions have history with the Administrator of this wiki as the Questioner and Answerer. So understand that the many of these were not created by the mentioned Admin, although the Admin has updated some of the pages.
  • 19 August '11 | Apologies for any questions left unanswered, admin has been busy
  • 22 August '10 | Sorted questions into categories, most common have been moved to FAQs category.
  • 05 August '10 | User:Bunai82 or frequent contributors, will try to keep things organized.
  • 05 August '10 | Layout inspired by Avatar:TLA Answer Wiki. View What is this site about.

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